Bambinos Child Development Center

6:00am to 6:00pm
Monday - Friday
Established 1993

Keystone Stars Participant

We accept children from the age of six weeks through eight years of age.

The first day we dropped our daughter off at Bambinos, it broke our hearts to think of leaving her with strangers.  Four years, and another daughter later, we feel like we are leaving our girls with dear friends each day.  We feel very fortunate that our daughters have been able to grow, learn, and thrive in a truly, loving environment.

Lori & Steve T.


Program Information & Rooms

(birth to 12 months)

Our infant program is adapted and tailored to your child.  We feed  and let our babies sleep on demand.  Our caregivers love,  hold, rock to sleep and play with our babies; encouraging them to develop their sensory, social, language and motor skills.

(13 months to 24 months)

Our young toddlers are engaged all day in a large variety of activities to assist them with developing their fine and gross motor skills, language development, simple art activities,  small group time to help and encourage the development of their social, emotional and cognitive development.

(24 to 36 months)

Our older toddlers are busy, little people!  There are lots of fun, exciting activities to be shared and enjoyed!  Our toddler program is designed to promote all the skills necessary to adapt to social situations.  We encourage their developing  language skills along with  simple math, art projects, circle time (an important group activity),gross and fine motor activities and imaginative sensory play time.

PRESCHOOL ROOM                      
(3 TO 4 years old)

Our preschool program provides our child with wonderful, everyday, learning experiences.  We prepare a variety of activities for smaller and larger groups of children that help our children to develop the cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills necessary for  them to grow and develop. 

We emphasize literacy and language development through several activities each day designed to partner with their math, science and fine and gross motor skills.

(older 4 year olds to 5 years)

Our pre-kindergarten classroom is designed to prepare our children for a great head start with their academic career.  We stress their literacy and math skills, combined with writing, science and the inter-personal skills necessary for a wonderful kindergarten experience.