Bambinos Child Development Center

6:00am to 6:00pm
Monday - Friday
Established 1993

Keystone Stars Participant

We accept children from the age of six weeks through eight years of age.

It's tough to leave your children in daycare while you go off to work.  Bambinos makes it a little less tough, because they do more than just care for your children.  Our kids come home excited to tell us what they have learned that day in reading, math, geography, Spanish, music and art.  We feel that our children will have a head start when they get to Kindergarten, and the curriculum at Bambinos helps guide us in what topics we can work with our children on.  Aside from the educational element, the staff at Bambinos are courteous, kind, and have a sincere interest in our children's well-being.  We feel good knowing our children are taken care of at Bambinos.

Maureen & Ed


Information for parents


Our center provides breakfast, lunch and all snacks for your child after the age of one year at no additional charge.  Menus for breakfast and lunch are posted monthly.  Breakfast is served at 7:45 a.m., lunch between 11:30 and 12:00 noon (depending on the classroom), with snack times at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  Our menus meet the Child Nutrition Guidelines and we serve 100% juice in various flavors with breakfast, milk at lunch and water with all snacks.

Security & Surveillance

We are securely located and occupy the whole bottom floor underneath Curves. 

All of our care rooms are digitally recorded on real time and in color by closed circuit television cameras located discreetly in our ceilings.  Our center is security monitored and is equipped with a state-of the-art fire alarm system.  All care rooms have direct access to the outside.

Our center's front door is secured by a keyless entry system.  Parents of children enrolled at our center have two codes that enable them to access entry.  All door codes are unique and specific to the parent and child.


We are closed on the following holidays. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR HOLIDAYS WE ARE CLOSED.

New Years Day

Labor Day

Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day & Friday
Fourth of July Christmas

Weather/Emergency Closings

Any emergency, weather related delays or closings are announced on KDKA-TV (Channel 2) and KDKA radio.

Resource Phone Numbers

Child Care Information Services (412.349.0303)
For subsidized child care assistance and referral information.

CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Program (1.800.986.KIDS)
Children's free health insurance

Department of Public Welfare (412.565.2146)